Best Jobs For Pay Increases in 2016

According to data from Emolument.com the top wage increases in 2016 can be found in the IT sector and in various management positions. 2016's highest wage increases of 37% were found in Marketing and Communication managers and corporate banking management. We have also seen significant rises of the wages of HR managers. This has been credited to the fact that HR managers are now required to have a greater digital knowledge. This is turn has created a highly skilled position which requires better pay to attract the best candidates.

In the I.T sector, we have seen growth through the industry. As I.T continues to become a vital component of our daily lives so does the demand for skilled workers which will consequently increase wages further. Wage increases in the I.T sector have also been attributed to the rising demand of skilled I.T personnel in the financial industries. This is consequently creating competition within the I.T industry for the best talent.

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