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Global IT Technical Trends 2016

As with most industries, the IT industry rapidly evolves and changes as the days go by. This is even more prevalent in 2016 than years before, so we wanted to bring you a brief summary of all the predicted global IT trends across the world in 2016. The results are predictions taken from Gartner's IT predictions for 2016. Let’s take a look at some of these in detail.

The Device Mash

The device mash is a way to describe the increasing numbers of endpoints users use to access applications and information as well as interacting, buying and generally all things digital. The phenomenon talks about the multitude of devices that can transmit data, such as mobile phones, wearable technology, and IoT-based objects. It’s the concoction of devices which are likely to be most striking in 2016 as we diversify our technology.

Ambient User Experience

The collective ways in which we can process data as described by the device mash means we can effortlessly transfer data from one device to the next. This is known as the ambient user experience and we expect to see more ‘flowing’ from device to device in 2016. This will likely blend physical, virtual and electronic environments as the user changes his physical location.

3D Printing Materials

You have more than likely heard about 3D printing, you may have even used it, but soon 3D printing will be available for all of us. Advances in 3D printing have enabled a use of materials such as nickel, carbon fiber, glass, electronics, and pharmaceuticals, all of which proved new advancements and possibilities for the technology. These advancements mean that the potential usage for 3D printers is expanding to more industries so expect to see a rise in 3D printer ownership in 2016.

Information of Everything

This fairly vague term means as we move into 2016 the information that we exchange is evolving from the traditional text, audio, and video formats to include sensory and contextual information. Advancements in semantic tools, as well as other emerging data classifications, will bring a greater meaning to the vast sways of incoming information.

Advanced Learning Machines

Deep neural nets (DNNs) will move beyond classic computer programming and information management in order to create systems which can autonomously work and perceive the world on their own. If this all sounds a little Skynet to you, then you are probably right! The deluge of data sources and complexity of information is making human, manual analysis problematic and costly. These practices are looking to be outsourced to the DNNs in order to improve the workload.

Autonomous Agents and Things

Continuing on from our Skynet theme, smart machines including robots are creating a bigger step forward in 2016 helping us perform our jobs in a more effective manner. Whilst robots usually receive the greatest human attention it is the software-based smart machines are arguably having a wider impact on today’s world and certainly 2016. VPAs such as Google Now, Cortana, and Apples Siri are becoming more intelligent precursors to autonomous agents. Expect to see great advancements in 2016 in VPAs.

All in all, 2016 is expected to be a fascinating year of advancements in the way in which we live and work. Clever AI and machinery is preparing to assist our lives in many different ways in order to streamline the world's productivity. There has never been a better time to be involved in IT.