Meet the Team

  • Kev Ellipse Shadow

    Kevin Buller

    Recruiter Since: 1991

    I have been in the IT sales recruitment sector since 1991, pretty much straight from leaving University. It’s a sector that I love and over the years it has looked after me well – which is great as I have 4 children and a Staffordshire bull terrier to support.

    I enjoy learning about new disruptive tech areas, but in particular I like the personal development of the team, as they progress from Trainees through to big hitters.

    Karaoke song? Tracks of my Tears

    Cocktail order? Long Island Iced Tea

    Fictional place you would visit? Jurassic Park

    What was your first job? Shelf Stacker

  • Ian Meet the team Ellipse Shadow

    Ian Butterworth

    Recruiter Since: 2007

    As a German graduate I was initially hired to build up the German market but soon found myself placing candidates across the UK, Europe and beyond and ultimately managing a European desk. As a 360° recruiter I am equally comfortable helping candidates find their dream job or supporting my clients in growing their businesses.

    In 2015 I founded Lucas Blake alongside my co-founder Kevin Buller and have loved the challenge of building up a business whilst continuing to work as a revenue-generating consultant.

    Favourite meal? Steak

    Guilty pleasure? Masked Singer

    Karaoke song? Firestarter

    Favourite dad joke? A man goes into the butcher’s and says to the butcher: “I bet you £100 you can’t reach the meat on the top shelf”, the butcher says: “No, the steaks are too high”

  • Paul Meet the team Ellipse Shadow

    Paul Stevens

    Recruiter Since: 1998

    In my early career, I joined a large Generalist UK Commercial Recruitment firm called Prime Time. I was in the B2B Sales division where I honed my skills as a sales & technology recruiter before being approached by Robson Taylor where I spent many successful years, which finally led me to Lucas Blake in 2015.

    What I enjoy about Lucas Blake is how diverse every day can be and the conversations I have that allow me to be continually learning & developing insights on the markets I serve. Ultimately though we’re human (not bots) and every client & candidate has a personalised & professional experience that benefits all parties – it’s a pride thing!

    What was your first job? Insurance Claims

    Guilty pleasure? Beating the competition

    Title of autobiography? “This is about me”

    Fictional place you would visit? Oz

  • David Meet the team Ellipse Shadow

    David Greenwood

    Recruiter Since: 2000

    Lucas Blake is unique as we are always innovating our strategies to offer the best service, we have a strong established team with experienced recruiters that all have our own specialities.

    I have stayed with the company for so long as I really enjoy the flexibility, benefits and helping people and companies grow into their potential.

    Favourite meal? Fillet steak with pepper sauce

    Cocktail order? Pornstar Martini

    Guilty pleasure? Girls Aloud

    Title of autobiography? “Roll with the punches”

  • Ryan Meet the team Ellipse Shadow

    Ryan Lloyd

    Recruiter Since: 2015

    Initially I was working in internal recruitment for Ofsted, and then made the move into agency recruitment with Lucas Blake. I find the role is extremely rewarding, especially when filling a difficult role which I like to believe is my speciality.

    The reason I stay with Lucas Blake is because the team is really collaborative, there is a great working atmosphere and a really supportive culture which offers everyone a fair chance of individual development.

    Cocktail order? Long Island Iced Tea

    Who would you invite on your talk show? Tyson Fury

    Karaoke song? Sweet Caroline

  • Jack Meet the team Ellipse Shadow

    Jack Illingworth

    Recruiter since: 2013

    After university I had a role in B2B sales for a year before I was approached for a recruitment role, I thought it would have been an interesting move and gave it a go. Now here I am 8 years later and still in the role I enjoy: recruitment. Although being experienced in many sectors, I would say my specialities are infrastructure software, security, virtualisation, storage automation and database roles.

    The reason I stay in recruitment is because I really thrive of the problem-solving aspects when helping my clients fill hard to place roles. The culture at Lucas Blake is another massive pull, we’re a really strong team here, and everyone has their own quirks and styles.

    Favourite TV show? Downton Abbey

    Cocktail order? Dry Vodka Martini

    Quote you live by? “It’ll soon be Christmas” even in January

    What superpower would you want? The ability to stop time

  • Louise Meet the team Ellipse Shadow

    Louise Caulfield

    I qualified as a chartered accountant in 1995, and since then have worked in various industries including manufacturing, leasing and employment law before ending up in recruitment.

    I have been the Financial Director at Lucas Blake since 2015, and have remained with the company as my role covers many areas of business and finance making every day different. At Lucas Blake we have created an environment and culture with a positive and collaborative community spirit that offers great flexibility, support and growth opportunities.

    Tea or coffee? Starbucks skinny latte

    What was your first job? Bartender

    Quote you live by? “Be kind”

  • Daniel Meet the team

    Daniel Booth

    Recruiter Since: 2019

    After graduating from Bethany College, WV with a degree in communications. I decided to move back to the UK in search of a career. When researching different careers that matched my goals/skills, I came across Lucas Blake. I really enjoy the competitiveness, fast-paced environment, and the rewards that come with the job. As well as networking with many different professionals from all around the world. 

    Favourite TV show: Friends

    Guilty Pleasure? Kinder Bueno

    What superpower would you want? Teleport

  • John Meet the team

    John McPeake

    Recruiter Since: 2021

    After graduating with a degree in English Literature and History, like many graduates, I didn’t know what I wanted to do as an occupation. After working as a Store Assistant in Argos, I was eventually approached by Ryan for a Talent Manager position and that began my journey into the world of recruitment. I’ve recently moved up to Delivery Consultant, and I’m really enjoying the challenge and opportunities that this role provides. The industry of recruitment gives me a chance to get to know people from all walks of life, across the globe and challenges me to continually improve my skill set. I really enjoy working at Lucas Blake; the company culture is fantastic and the support and training I’ve received since I’ve been here has been second to none.

    Cocktail order: Espresso Martini

    What was your first Job? Waiter

    Fictional place would you visit? Coruscant

  • Sophie Broome Meet the team

    Sophie Broome

    Recruiter Since: 2021

    Before becoming a Talent Manager at Lucas Blake, I was a housekeeper in and around Cheshire. My career change came from me wanting a more challenging role which really pushed me and taught me new skills and when I found this role in recruitment, I knew it was the career for me.

    I really enjoy being able to help people achieve their potential and the social element of building relationships with candidates and clients. I am looking forward to advancing my career at Lucas Blake and excited for the year ahead.

    Favourite TV show? GOT, The Witcher

    Karaoke song? “Man I feel like a woman” – Shania Twain

    Cocktail order? Pornstar Martini

  • Adam Meet the team

    Adam Rasul

    Recruiter Since: 2021

    I chose the world of recruitment after graduating from Leeds Beckett where I studied Business Management with Marketing. After graduating I was unsure which sector I wanted to break into. However, I knew I was looking for three main things: development, enjoyment, and money. I have found all of these and more in the start of my career at Lucas Blake.

    Favourite TV Show: Gavin & Stacey

    Cocktail of Choice: Espresso Martini

    Quote to Live By: Hakuna Matata

  • Anthony Meet the team

    Anthony Tang

    Recruiter Since: 2021

    After graduating with a degree in Psychology and Cyberpsychology, I decided to apply my skills and knowledge into the field of recruitment. Recruitment appealed to me as it gives me the opportunity to have a positive impact on peoples lives and careers which is rewarding. My time at Lucas Blake has been thoroughly enjoyable and I can’t wait to reap the rewards of my hard work.

    Quote you live by?

    If you get too comfortable in life, you’ll never grow

    Cocktail order?

    Rhubarb and sage spritz

    What superpower would you want? 

    Super speed because the flash is pretty cool